About the CoinCasso

The CoinCasso Group - which includes Estonian, a licensed cryptocurrency exchange CoinCasso Exchange creates unique solutions supporting the exchange of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the whole project will also include the ATM-BTC network, which will start in the second half of 2019. Also includes implementation of mobile, PC and POS applications related to the entire infrastructure.

All infrastructure is created to produce the commissions charged in exchange for mediation in transactions. It is the only one system in the world that pays up to 80% of its profits between the owners of holding the CCX token - CoinCasso Exchange Token.


How It Works?

The CCX token has been issue by CCX pro Australia and it is based on the popular and proven Blockchain technology. It is an ERC-20 token based on Ethereum. It is a well-known, safe and universal solution that provides high transparency and diversity in the possibilities of securing and storing tokens for its holders.


Instant Withdrawal

CCX Tokens are available immediately and you can instantly withdraw to your dedicated address using the META MASK or ImToken application.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Guaranteed CCX Token trading will be available on our partner's cryptocurrency exchange platform just after end of event sale.

CCX Holders Benefits

CCX Token allows you to participate in share of company profit and to buy services and memberships on our platforms.

CCX Token as Currency

Use token as regular currency with unlimited and free transfers of funds between users & services in the entire CoinCasso platform.

Token Sale

Join the revolutionary CoinCasso Exchange platform. Buy tokens during sale and be the part of large project. We accept 12 cryptocurrencies payments.

Starting public time :

Oct 1, 2018 (Mon 9:00 AM EST)

Ending time :

Dec 30, 2019 (Mon 11:00 PM EST)

Current price


Days Hours Minutes Seconds
Sold :: 24000 Total :: 218750
Buy Tokens
Number of tokens for sale

80,000,000 CCX (80%)

Acceptable Currency :

BTC, ETH, LTC & more

Next stage's price


Token Sale Proceeds

Total chart of CCX Token sale

  • 3% - Marketing & Partners

  • 5% - CCX Pre-sale

  • 20% - Reserved Funds

  • 72% - CCX Crowdsale

Use of Funds

Total chart of CCX use of funds distribution

  • 30% - Exchange Platform Development

  • 20% - Marketing & Events

  • 15% - ATM'S Network

  • 10% - Liquidity

  • 10% - Mobile Wallet & Pay app Development

  • 5% - Payment Gateway

  • 5% - Company Operations Cap

  • 5% - Product Research & Monitoring



CoinCasso Cryptocurrency Exchange infrastructure development schedule and entities affiliated with CoinCasso Group. Roadmap stage 1 of 3.

Mobile App Coming Soon

Using exchanges and cryptocurrencies has never been easier. Discover our new CoinCasso mobile application and get the access to your funds with you.

  • Different devices compatible

    The application will be available to users of our platform with software that allows installation on most popular mobile devices..

  • Exchange cryptocurrencies with fingertips.

    Get access to all functionality of trading platform wherever you are.

  • Recevie, Send & Pay

    CoinCasso Pay is a solution that integrates the wallet and payment system, which makes using cryptocurrencies never easier.


Core Team

We are proud of our great team. He is one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people we have, and is always ready and willing to help out where needed.


Luke Ozimski

Co-Founder, CEO


Marek Ozimski


People Involved


Michal Grzywacz

Head of International Operations


Tomasz Nyikó

Marketing Advice


Zbigniew Zygadlo

Marketing Advice


Julia Sorokivska

PR Specialist


Grzegorz Bochniak

Content Manager


Konrad Faltyn

Project Manager


Maksymilian Plociennik

Inbound Marketing Manager


Nikita Gimon

Support Manager


Bogdan Sinicki

Project Manager


Download Whitepaper

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Marketers create whitepapers to educate their audience about a particular issue, or explain and promote a particular methodology.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly asked in some context

CoinCasso OU exchange is a partner of the CoinCasso project - it is an existing company registered and licensed in Estonia (European Union), and the entire platform is now available in the beta production version for partners and CCX token holders and a place where you can now buy & sell cryptocurrencies against EURO pairs. In future you will be able to trade here with many other currencies, including CCX
ERC20 CCX Token is a cryptocurrency built on the decentralized Ethereum blockain. The maximum number of tokens is set to 100,000,000 CCX subject to reduction of supply. It is a proven and fully adaptable technology and open source code providing secure, easy and fast transfers. We are also prepared for the emergency situation in case when main network fail we will provide the opportunity to update the token software.
A larger number of tokens is both an opportunity to receive more attractive bonuses and the opportunity to use a wider range of services with more favorable rebates and lower commissions. However, everyone should decide individually how many CCX tokens should he or she buy.
Due to very atractive price and business concept we strongly belive that all will be sold. However In case of unsold of the planned number of CCX tokens, the rest of the tokens will be destroyed algorithmically. There is no technical possibility to increase or produce any single token in circulation again. According to Whitepaper, only 20% of tokens can be stored by the company.
CCX tokens, depending on the number of units you own, give you an opportunity to get lower commissions for transactions on the CoinCasso Exchange Platform and to earn a larger commission for affiliation. You will be able to be a part of our cumminity and influance for project development. In addition, it give you the opportunity to purchase membership packages that give you the opportunity to profit from the benefits of the CoinCasso product group.
Initial trade will be possible on this sales platform and after the sales event, it will be introduced to our CoinCasso exchange platform within 30 days.
The cryptocurrency market is a young, fast-growing infrastructure that is characterized by high exchange rate fluctuations. Considering the complexity of the CoinCasso Exchange Token project and the very attractive benefits result from participating in it, we can confidently speculate that this project will quickly become popular. At present, innovative solutions that solve the problems of average users count on the cryptocurrency market. The CoinCasso Exchange Token allows the average user to leave the speculator zone and, in certain cases, take advantage of the passive benefits that until now were only possible for large enterprises. It is an innovative solution that will ensure the success of this project. CoinCasso is not just another cyrptocurrance exchange, it is a game changer.
For these speculations, it is worth taking into consideration several important factors such as: low initial sale price of the token, project assumptions and the possibility of reducing the number of CCX tokens in the event of the sale of the assumed number. We must realize that the price of the CCX token will also be greatly affected by the daily turnover of the entire CoinCasso infrastructure. Taking into account the above factors as well as historical data, one can speculate that the price for CCX in the next 2 years may bring several dozen or even several hundred percent of the profit on the tokens themselves as speculative units.
Currently, CoinCasso Exchange [CCX] tokens can be purchased via official website and events. You can pay through cryptocurrency CoinPayments cryptocurrency such as: [BTC], [LTC], [BCH], [ETH], [ETC], [DASH], [DGB], [LSK], [WAVES], [XMR], [ZEC], [ZEN]. Additionally, via PerfectMoney in USD
ERC20 including a CCX tokens can be stored on all platforms and payment processors that support them. However we recommend to store CCX tokens as well as the other cryptocurrencies always in places and wallets in which you have full control over the private keys and the with possibility of making a backup. It is worth considering MetaMask (application on Google Chrome) or ImToken (mobile application). You should always make a backup copy of the wallets, and if you store more resources diversify their storage. CCX Token is also compatible with devices such as Ledger Nano S